Dope Soap 

Peace, Love and Soap.

hello friends, welcome to dope soap!

Our goal  at dope soap is to  spread love, peace and dope soap around the united states!  and provide you with a variety of hemp healthy options for all of your beautiful body needs.  We have lots of wonderful products to make you feel "oh so good!" We also provide some fantastic gift packages for that special someone! Lots of goodies all packed in a super cool dope soap basket that we're sure you'll want to share!

 Be sure to check back often,  we are always expanding our line of products! If you have a request please let us know. We have the ability to create and expand our line.

Our products include, but are not limited to:

   Hemp soaps.              hemp foot balms.                                 Hemp bath salts.

Hemp bath tea bags.      Cannabis ice cube trays.                         Hemp pet care.                                    

Hemp lotions.               Hemp lip balm.                                    Leaf cookie cutters.

cannabis stickers.         incense.                                               bottle incense burners.